About us

Our mission is to offer you the highest payout for your unwanted goods and jewelry. We will explain the process to you step by step and give you an appraisal for your jewelry based on the current market value. We provide a low pressure and professional environment for our clients. We have been buying precious metals and diamonds since 2005 when we opened our first store in La Puente Hills Mall in Los Angeles County. After a successful operation, we were able to expand our services throughout Southern and Northern California, opening 13 successful locations. Since 2012, we have decided to shift our focus towards our gold events and mail in service, making it easy for everyone to sell their unwanted items. Because of our direct dealings with precious metal refineries we are able to continue paying top dollar to our clients for their precious goods. Our team is here to help you with any questions you may have.   Sincerely, CALI GOLD EXCHANGE CORP.