How it works:

How do we evaluate your items:

The Karat (K) of your Gold: Price is calculated based on the purity of your gold, Silver, Platinum jewelry. 24 Karat (K) is considered pure or 100% gold. However, most of the jewelry items come in 10k, 12k, 14k, 18k, 21, 22k. It means that they are not pure gold, 24k. For example, 14k only contains 58.50% of pure gold. We will weight and check the purity ratio of your Gold, Silver, and Platinum to be able to appraise your jewelry.


The Process is really simple:





1) Gather up all of your unwanted jewelry in any condition and choose any method of our service.

2) One of our experts will test and check the purity of your jewelry to give you a good appraisal.

3)  Get paid  instantly.