We love to hear from our clients, please share your experience with us.

I visited the Sonoma Blvd location and I was very pleasant with my experience this store. The staff were very nice and friendly. I was offered $300 from the jewelry store on redwood. The guy at your Sonoma Blvd store gave me $420. I highly recommend this place.

-Dave F.


Omar was terrific. He showed how he tested my jewelry to verify the karat and value. It was fast and nice… Norwalk location.

-Ricky L.


Wonderful experience in the Vallejo store.

-Sara Ali


Customer service was awesome. I liked this store in Vallejo because they by weigh gram, unlike other places. I went to another gold buyer in Walnut Creek and they weigh my jewelry by pennyweight- cheaters.

-Frank Gonzalez



I never thought about selling my class gold ring. I went to your Vallejo location to get it appraised and the dude there offered me $290. I decided to keep it. The following week I went to the pawnshop down the street and they wanted to low ball me- $185. I went back to your store and the dude there was very welcoming and he still kept his offer- $290. I like doing business with your company.

-James Wu.